Aside from our readily available stock, we do custom design orders. Offering the best of both worlds.
You Deserve Uniqueness. 


Our products posted will be in the size pictured and if it is not your size, we will not have stock in a different size of the same garment. Hence, a custom order would be placed for your size. Our garments do not follow trends and fashion, ensuring they keep their character and remain timeless.

*No duplicate means that two garments could be the same colour and fabric but have different styled pockets, a different button-stand or shape.

The product concept solves the issue of having confidence that you will look unique and nobody will own an original identical garment like yours. You will benefit from our attention-to-detail, ethical focus on durability, functionality, versatility and quality of our products.

To ensure our garments are quality we make each one with attention-to-detail. Trimmings like buttons are sewn by hand to ensure they are secured. We also ensure that each product goes through a quality assurance process before it is available for sale.
There is zero mass production, so our personal relationship with each garment extends to our personal relationship with you.

Custom orders service

By having products on hand as well as the option to have custom designs made we cater to everyone, every age and gender, every body type.

Is it your wedding or maybe Matric farewell? We do consultations for custom orders too.

During our consultations the client and our designer will co-design the garment/s, and she will measure for a tailored flattering fit.

Sewing machine


Our workshops equip people who want to learn to sew with basic sewing skills.

In our courses we offer styling advice from professionals in the industry as well as stylists involved with our company.
A great benefit is we assist parents with quick-fix methods to do alterations for their children or their own clothing.
It also help people find their preferred style and be more confident when styling themselves.

Fitness Workshops

Our Fitness Workshops assists people to have an interactive workout session and work towards their fitness goals with people on the same path.

Working out with a trainer to ensure goals are reached faster and properly, and help those who lack motivation to workout alone.   

Our fitness workshops focus on training for all levels of fitness, any gender and age, as well as advice with nutrition to reach fitness goals.

We have female and male only workshops, unisex, as well as child-friendly /family workshops.

We want people to love fitness and enjoy it, so we aim to make it enjoyable, fun and tailored.


Why Choose Us

All our garments are designed with timeless style, functionality, versatility and durability in mind.

By focusing on the above-mentioned, we remove the concern whereby trends are ever-changing, and by not following them, our brand secures timeless products.
We aim to provide garments that can be worn every day, as well as to formal occasions, with reversible options, as well as styling freedom.

We provide a solution for Uniqueness, by never producing identical garments. 

You Deserve Uniqueness
Sewing the buttons to the jacket

About the Owner

Alison Botha’s first childhood dream was to own a clothing label; her second to own an unconventional private school.

She started taking steps by making clothing, by hand, for her Barbies & Kens, then herself, her friends, and by grade 8 she was selling garments and handbags for cheap to gain a loyal client base. She was later gifted a sewing machine  by a dear aunt of hers. All her initial haberdashery and fabric supplies came from her late father, who remains one of her most influential contributors to her confidence, faith and intrinsic motivation.

As a second business, she started tutoring a vast variety of subjects to local primary to high school learners. By the time she reached grade 11, she was tutoring adult varsity students. She found that the daily tutoring made it easy to keep her personal ‘top achiever’ title at school.

She hosted fashion shows and gained a loyal client base by word-of-mouth. In 2013 her custom designs on clients at the J&B Met featured in a local newspaper.

She secured her Bachelor’s of Education in 2016, with her two businesses varsity payments. She spent her remaining free time teaching at schools, before being employed formally as a teacher at various high schools.

In 2018, she resigned from the high school she was teaching at to relocate to the Helderberg area. The preceding three years she spent navigating being a newlywed housewife; nurturing her talents, passions and children. In 2019 she sewed for a wedding; before trying her hand at painting in 2020 and sold all of her art during the first year of the pandemic.

Now, as a 28 year old, married mother of two young toddlers, she launched her clothing label, My Aliment, formally. She plans to open her school when her daughter turns six.

Alison is compassionate about ‘world transformation’, helping others achieve their potential. She believes that self-actualization is achievable and that ‘The Perfect Plan’ prevails.

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You Deserve Uniqueness