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My Aliment is a unisex luxury clothing brand that never duplicates garments; providing you, as a client, to have an authentic look.
All our designs are formulated with quality, functionality and durability in mind. Each garment is unique with no identical copy of it, according to our policies.
You Deserve Uniqueness.


What We Offer


Our catalogues contain design capsules. If a garment is out of stock, it can be ordered, but will not be identical to the one on the website. We will liaise the detail changes before processing the custom order.

Custom orders service

When garments are out of stock, not in your size , or you require a garment for a specific occasion, we will go through our process of providing custom services; whereby the required garment is made, tailored to your needs and body. Custom services will only be available at certain times in the year as to not interfere with our general range production.


We will be offering sewing and styling workshops and other industry related workshops at certain times each year.

Fitness Workshops

We will be offering fitness workshops certain times each year, at TACTCAL PERSONAL TRAINING GYM, with personal trainers. Our fitness workshops will cater to all ages, in groups, as well as family friendly ones.

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You Deserve Uniqueness


Latest Work

Let us give you the styling freedom you deserve!

Our range focuses on the functionality and versatility of garments. We’ve sourced the softest seasonal fabrics for all our garments.

Then we crafted designs that are reversible, adjustable and able to be worn in various other ways every day. Our signature pieces will be timeless additions to your stylish wardrobe.

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